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Pulse Secure Continues to Drive virtual ADC Technology Leadership with Innovative Platform for Application Visibility

Key new release of vADC brings actionable insights to enterprise applications across virtual and cloud platforms

March 21, 2018

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 21, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pulse Secure, the leader in secure access solutions for people, devices, things and services, today announced a key new release of the Pulse Secure virtual Application Delivery Controller (vADC). The new solution brings an industry step change in enterprise management and analytics, giving IT and security professionals detailed information about data flows through each application and providing actionable insights into the behavior of applications across virtual and cloud platforms.

Following last year’s acquisition of the vADC product line from Brocade, this announcement demonstrates Pulse Secure’s commitment to product innovation and the vADC market segment, which is experiencing dramatic growth and is a driver behind today’s digital business transformation initiatives.

“This new vADC release from Pulse Secure overcomes the challenges of early application visibility tools, which can be expensive and require a lot of care and feeding to set up and maintain. By offering a turn-key approach to application visualization and analytics with intuitive analysis tools, this solution enables a customer to quickly drill down and gain a better understanding of application performance as well as pinpoint patterns and problems that can be optimized and repaired. The flexible licensing model lets enterprises tightly align their IT spend with demand and avoid over spending,” said Mike Fratto, Research Director at GlobalData. “I look forward to seeing where Pulse Secure goes with its vADC platform and closing the loop with orchestration in the future.”

Pulse Services Director version 18.1 supports customers moving to virtual, cloud, software and micro-service-centric architectures. IT and security professionals no longer have to wade through large streams of unstructured data in order to identify patterns and unusual events. Powerful new intuitive graphical analytics make it easy to visualize end-to-end application traffic flows in order to baseline normal activity and highlight issues that need to be addressed, leading to quicker investigation, interpretation and corrective actions. Customers benefit from:

  • Graphical analysis of data flows through the application
  • Insights into application behavior
  • Segment-by-segment breakdown of traffic statistics
  • Microsecond-accurate timing analysis and connection tracing
  • Drill downs into performance problems and identification of optimization strategies
  • Sharable reports for closer collaboration with co-workers

“We are excited by our pace of innovation and business growth since we have been acquired by Pulse Secure. In just six months, we are enjoying new flagship customer wins across a variety of industries and realizing healthy revenue growth,” said Marion Smith, VP and GM, vADC Business Unit at Pulse Secure. “Virtual ADC analytics allows IT and security professionals to readily view high-level dashboards and drill down to detailed behavioral data flows of each application in real time. The enhanced operational insight, triage and reporting capabilities in this new release demonstrate our continued commitment to leading the virtual ADC market with world class products and services.”

Pulse SD Version 18.1 brings other Enterprise Management (EM) capabilities into the same package, including centralized backup and restore of ADC instances as well as centralized authentication for administration of ADC instances. It also supports centralized logging and Application Data Export for integration with third-party analytics engines. Pulse SD automates the management, licensing, and metering of virtual network services for Pulse Secure vADC, one of the most advanced virtual application delivery controllers in the market today.

“We have been fortunate to be involved with Pulse Virtual Traffic Manager for over 12 years and are very excited about the opportunity to work with Pulse Secure following its acquisition of vADC. Many of our customers already use Traffic Manager’s built-in activity graphs for traffic analysis and visibility, and this new release will give customers a centralized view of the data with rich analytical tools. We expect to see new and innovative solutions come out of Pulse Secure leveraging its best-in-class Secure Access and Traffic Manager platforms,” said Ken Tan, Sales Director at Network Armada.

“This release is the first step in a larger vision to help provide customers with more intuitive tools enabling visibility, availability and control of their applications. You will see us build on this release in the future as we start to bring our Secure Access product portfolio together to include intelligent access capabilities around hybrid cloud,” added Smith.

Pulse Services Director 18.1 is available immediately. For more information visit:  

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