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Pulse Secure Sponsors SANS Webinar on “What Works in Visibility, Access Control and IoT Security – Pulse Secure NAC Outcomes at Energy Provider”

June 7, 2018

Dave Cullen, CSO at Entegrus, explains how the organization advanced security, amplified visibility, enhanced endpoint compliance and mitigated IoT risk

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 07, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pulse Secure, the leading provider of enterprise Secure Access solutions, announced that John Pescatore, director of emerging security trends at SANS Institute, and Dave Cullen, manager of information technology and chief security officer (CSO) at Entegrus, will participate in a new webinar to discuss what works when implementing network access control (NAC).

Hosted by the SANS Institute, the online seminar will feature an interview with Cullen on integrating Pulse Secure NAC at Entegrus. Topics include why he chose Pulse Secure; how NAC advances security, visibility, endpoint compliance and IoT risk mitigation; and future plans to further unify Secure Access with Pulse Secure technology by combining NAC and virtual private network (VPN) across on- and off-premise resources from any BYOx device.

“The threat landscape is constantly evolving, forcing us to always consider how we can go one step further. With a widely distributed IT infrastructure, we considered NAC as an effective way to improve our security posture without dramatically altering how we operate,” said Dave Cullen, manager of information systems for Entegrus. “We have a long-standing relationship with Pulse Secure. The level of integration between Pulse Secure’s secure sockets layer (SSL) and NAC, as well as the extended feature set, made it a straightforward choice for us. Perhaps the two most important things are that we have increased our security posture, and for the most part, there has been zero impact on our end users.”

“The SANS What Works program highlights real security professionals who have used real security products to demonstrate measurable business value,” said John Pescatore, director of Emerging Security Trends at the SANS Institute. “Implementing network access control and enabling both secure remote access and safe use of IoT devices is a shining example of security enabling the business.”

People are invited to register for the June 14th, 2:00 p.m. EDT SANS webinar, “What Works in Visibility, Access Control and IoT Security – Pulse Secure NAC Outcomes at Energy Provider.”

Entegrus serves over 60,000 customers throughout Ontario, Canada. They bring electricity, renewable energy and water across three large regions, with a workforce spread out over 2,300 square kilometers. They leveraged their existing Pulse Secure VPN implementation to expedite NAC deployment and fortify their infrastructure in accordance with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) guidelines. As a result, their security organization extended visibility for remote and on-premise users and devices, as well as enhanced endpoint compliance and Internet of Things (IoT) risk mitigation.

Pulse Secure’s industry-leading NAC solution, Pulse Policy Secure (PPS), is built to protect next generation networks with comprehensive network visibility, automatic device onboarding and unified contextual access control across wired and wireless connections, personal and corporate devices, and remote and local access. The PPS deployment provides foundational endpoint intelligence, resource access enforcement and IoT defenses that support industry and regulatory compliance guidelines. These compliance requisites apply to both regional and large national critical infrastructure providers.

Presented as a webcast interview, the online seminar is a lessons-learned conversation between Pescatore, SANS director and former security industry analyst, and Cullen, an expert in cybersecurity and IT systems. The webinar attempts to answer questions regarding successful implementation of NAC and the benefits that can result from it.

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