Rapid ROI of application delivery as a service

ESG Report: Quantifying the ROI of Automated Application Delivery

Organizations have evolved to demand agile, elastic capabilities whether application workloads are deployed in public clouds, private clouds, or in on-premises data centers. The server infrastructure has also evolved to meet those needs using virtualization and cloud technologies, which provide for flexible resource allocation.

Networking technologies have not always kept up to date with these changes, continuing to rely on physical appliances to deliver network services such as application delivery controllers (ADCs). The Pulse Secure vADC solution meets those challenges by providing a software-based, cloud-ready solution, referred to as ADC-as-a-service.

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  • Speedy return on investment: Typically just six months
  • Shorter installation time: In days, not months
  • Faster provisioning: In seconds, not hours

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