Step Up Your Access Program Terms and Conditions

  • Offer expires December 31, 2018.
  • To qualify for a free PSA, customers must replace an existing appliance under support and purchase a minimum number of 3-year subscription or perpetual Essential or Advanced Edition Suite licenses as dictated in the table below:

Appliance Class












  • This promotion may not be combined with other offers.
  • Promotion is available to all registered Pulse Secure Connect Now Partners, but should not be used for partners that are not registered to opportunities without management approval.
  • Program is available only to Pulse Secure Distributors who have a signed Distribution agreement with Pulse Secure.
  • Where referenced, ‘end customer’ or ‘account’ is an organization and not an individual. This promotional offer is made to the organization and not to individual employees within those organizations. Accordingly, it is up to the organization as to whether to accept the offer and how to use it.
  • All purchases are final.
  • The Pulse Secure Connect Now Partner shall pay for all value-­‐added, sales, use, property, ad valorem and similar taxes; all customs duties, import fees, or similar charges; stamp duties, license fees, and similar costs; and all other mandatory payments to government agencies of whatever kind imposed with respect to products or services provided under this Promotion.
  • Pulse Secure reserves the right to amend, modify, cancel, suspend or terminate this Promotion at any time without notice.
  • Promotion is void where prohibited by law or company policy. Pulse Secure will not be held liable if the Promotion issued is in violation of specific company policies or local country laws.
  • Pulse Secure may, at its sole discretion, audit the Pulse Secure Connect Now Partner supplied information and disqualify claims that do not comply with the guidelines established in the Promotion. This audit may be completed through whatever means Pulse Secure deems necessary.
  • Pulse Secure reserves the right to bar future program access to any Pulse Secure Connect Now Partners that violates the terms of this Promotion. Determination of this status is at the sole discretion of Pulse Secure.