Global Data Report - Pulse Secure vADC

Enterprise IT is always looking for ways to extract more value out of existing infrastructures, and a continual blind spot is application performance management (APM). APM systems tend to be expensive to acquire the software and underlying software infrastructure, and then they take expert management to maintain. These additional costs become a barrier to alternatives to performance management, such as reports from network performance management, over-provisioning of server hardware, or simply waiting for users to complain about slow applications. Because ADCs sit in the application path, they are a viable option for application performance data collection and analysis using existing deployed products.

Pulse Secure Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM) is a software-only ADC, which comes in Advanced, Enterprise, and Developer editions as a virtual appliance, cloud image, or bare metal offerings. The vTM is part of Pulse Secure's larger vADC family suite, which includes the virtual Web Application Firewall (vWAF) and the Services Director to support capacity based licensing.

This extensive product assessment analyst report by GlobalData offers:

  • ADC industry competitive ranking, strengths and weaknesses
  • Essential product analysis and detailed technology perspectives
  • Performance metrics
  • Buyer recommendations

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